#mononarmy rider Alex Ferguson

Just who is Team Rider Alex Ferguson? A question asked most likely by someone who has their finger far from the pulse of the Texas scene. This Grom is a hill slaying enigma that we are glad to have on the team. We squeezed out some facts for this spotlight feature.

He was raised by a nameless tribe that only allowed goofy stance, so if see him in regular get ready for that switch madness. His optimum wheel duro is around a 78a, which he said he was about as hard as a Fresh salmon before deboning. Although he doesn't stray away from toe sides. He has the capacity to pull some effortless heel sides, where it's easy to tell he's at home in them.

So when's he's not grilling salmon in Texas sun, best believe he's got wheels under his feet shredding down any downhill road that gets in his path.

Favorite Quote - Just send it pussy1

Hometown - Colorado Springs, Colorado and El Paso, Texas

Crew - NoBull Texas Longboarders

Sponsors - Monon Board Company, Insanity Boardshop

Favorite Song at the moment - Terminator by Lil Boat and ASAP

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