#mononarmy rider Austin Chalfin

The man from Tennessee.  Austin Chalfin has been part of the #mononarmy for over a year now and he has spent that time hitting spots from his hometown to North Carolina and all types of places in between.  It has been our pleasure to watch him progress.

flexing so hard the shirt ripped

Follow austin on insta @austin_etndh since he is always dropping new footage ripping hills on his monon Checkmate.

Now to totally embarrass him you can watch his welcome video from a year ago. 

Welcome Austin Chalfin from Monon Longboard Company on Vimeo.

Favorite Quote - Run it

Age - 19

Sponsors - Monon Board Company, Mojo Boardshop, Longboard Society

Favorite Song of the Moment - Justin Bieber - Company (we are secretly judging)


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