#mononarmy rider Samantha Marsteller

2015 was a big year for #mononarmy rider Samantha Marsteller.  She hit the road for the GIRLS GONE FAST SHE TOUR 2015 for a California skate adventure up the west coast from Southern California through San Francisco to Portland and on to Maryhill. Samantha killed it and things were falling into place for 2016 to be even bigger.

Then it happened.  While competing at the LCIU Slide Jam at the Dam Samantha took a monster fall off the kicker.  When the dust settled and the paramedics got her to the hospital she learned that she had done some serious damage to her spine. 

She battled back after a few months off her board but another injury at an outlaw race took her out for the rest of 2016.  Now she is more determined than ever to get back out there and slay mountains.  Keep an eye out for Samantha at events this summer since she is planning on competing at pretty much all of them.

Favorite Quote - The only time you should look down on a person is when you are helping them get up - Jessie Jackson

Hometown - Chicago

Crew - Girls Gone Fast

Sponsors - Monon Board Company, her mom, Action Board Shop, SheShreds.co

Favorite Song at the moment - La bicicleta, Embriagame, Halsey, and anything she can dance to

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