#mononarmy UK rider Neil Furness

Where do we begin when it comes to Neil?  Well first off we can hardly understand anything he says.  He insists he is speaking English but we have our doubts.  Second he has the gnarliest day job ever as a member of one of the teams on the Red Bull Air Race series. 

The Furnace! from Monon Longboard Company on Vimeo.

We met up with Neil when the Air Race series visited Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  Neil hung out and skated with the locals and then grabbed a dire wolf prototype to take on a tour of the States.  He hit skatespots from abandoned theme parks to lonely roads in Death Valley during his extended holiday. 


Once he was done shredding the States he took the Dire Wolf back to the UK with him to destroy things in Wales and other made up places like Narnia and Middle Earth.  Neil's day job is going to be taking him all around the world again this summer and he's got plans to compete in events in New Zealand, the States, places where vampires may or may not be from and the UK. 

Welcome Neil Furness from Monon Longboard Company on Vimeo.


Favorite Quote - the biggest grin wins

Hometown - Oxfordshire UK

Crew - Longboard Manchester, Brianne Collective

Favorite Song at the moment - Work to do - Average white band (youngpulse rework)

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