The Dire Wolf

The Dire Wolf

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The Dire Wolf

Hard, Sharp and Vicious! We collaborated with our Midwest family over at Maize Apparel to bring you this indestructible 9 ply hill slayer. 

This deck has been in the prototype stages for months and #mononarmy og/team manager Thomas Mendenhall has put in the work to make sure this deck is bomb proof.  #mononarmy Europe rider Neil Furness has been touring the states and Europe on his dire wolf prototype and slaying mountains with it. Meanwhile back stateside #mononarmy rider Cya Zoe is riding the dire wolf through some of the gnarliest runs in Colorado.

A rockered single kick cut wide and featuring microdrops, flared wheel wells and all the wheelbase options you could ask for. It's pretty much a two handed bastard sword meant to maim hills and the competition.  You have been warned!


  • 9 Ply Great Lakes Maple
  • Length - 39" with kick
  • Width - 9.50 down to 8.25" at the kicktail
  • Wheelbase - 24 to 27.5" 
  • Bowl Concave
  • .375 Rocker
  • .25" Microdrops
  • Flared Wheel Wells

We are proud to offer the artwork of Ivana Mendenhall on a limited run of 50 Dire Wolf decks.