About Us

The #mononarmy Manifesto

Born in the Midwest, raised with East Coast Swagger and representing around the world.  Our goal is simple, produce the best quality boards.  We know that when you have the right board under your feet you are going to push yourself, push the limits and do amazing things.  We want to be part of your story.

The Monon Story

The Monon story starts back almost 20 years ago in a garage in Deer Park, New York.  Monon founder Daniel Jimenez would spend hours in his father's workshop building boards, rails, ramps and anything else in order to go fast.  Over the next two decades Daniel would drift away from skateboarding and spent some time in the corporate world pushing numbers and files instead.  Fast forward to 2013, following a move to Indiana, Monon Board Company was born in a garage.  Since then we've moved between a few other garages, a barn or two and a woodshop.  

The Family

Monon started off as a strictly family operation. Our family has grown to include a tribe of amazing local skaters and supporters.  Thomas Mendenhall, our team manager, has been there since practically day one.  We've built our #mononarmy of amazing up and coming riders from around the world.  We have been skater made and skater owned since always and we intend to stay that way. 

Monon Board Company - Indianapolis, Indiana - 317-804-1284