Concave Implant Exclusive Offer

Concave Implant Exclusive Offer

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 An exclusive offer of all 4 of our implants in one combo. You get the Bullnose, Zelda, Chiclet and 2 of our Blade flare implants. We are producing these in hi impact ABS plastic and are .375 inches high. The implants are about 3.5 inches wide on average. You simply lay them out on your board and apply your griptape over them. We are opening up infinite possibilities of customization for your board.  These implants have been battle tested and can take a beating.

For this special offer we are running them in an obnoxious neon green.  Limited to first 20 buyers.

Once production goes full throttle on these they will be selling at $12 each. Order the combo and it's like getting one implant free! 

Orders ship on approximately May 10, 2017