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The #FTG.  It stands for Feel The Gnar.  Or F*ck the Gnome.  It all depends. 

This board is as tough as #mononarmy rider Sam Marsteller herself.  9 Ply and a symmetrical platform gives you a solid freeride or downhill platform.  The microdrops, flared wheel wells, and bowl concave create an intense pocket for your feet. Flush mounted, to keep your truck geometry on point, and rear W to help keep your tuck solid. If you're looking for a hybrid board with some beef to it, look no further, the Feel The Gnar has you covered.



  • 9 Ply Great Lakes Maple
  • Length - 35.5"
  • Width - 9.75 down to 9.50" at center
  • Wheelbase - 23.5 to 25.5" 
  • Bowl Concave
  • Minor rear W
  • 3/8" Microdrops
  • Flared Wheel Wells
  • Flush Mounted

We are proud to offer the artwork of Marc W. Daniels on a limited number of FTG decks.  Grab these exclusive decks now!